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How Quark can regain market share from Adobe

Last post 12-26-2009 2:46 PM by Joe_Cool. 0 replies.
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  • 12-26-2009 2:46 PM

    How Quark can regain market share from Adobe

    Take advantage of the new handheld market for cellphones.

    Adobe has romped over Quark in the last decade because they own the Desktop Publishing and Web Design markets.
    Some strengths of Adobe software:

    1) Own rights to Flash, have a lock on the web publishing market
    2) Own Acrobat, have a lock on the print publishing market

    But one way Quark can regain market share from them is to concentrate their efforts on the new handheld markets, like the Blackberries and iPhones.

    One thing which is highly noticeable about a lot of cellphones these days, is they don't necessarily work with Adobe products, esp. Flash.

    Other than Windows Mobile, there are a lot of Phone O/S's which don't come with immediate support for the Flash plug-in.

    Either you have to download it or they don't work at all with it.

    Or when you get to Flash pages on the web, the cell phones of many companies go blank. Or else they redirect you to a watered down version of the original web page.

    If I were you, Quark, I'd make a new version of your DTP software which works with all the cellphones out there.
    So let's say a person could make a page in Quark, then easily save it in a print, web or cellphone version.

    Adobe has Device Central, Quark should invent one of its own, which works with Androids, Symbian O/S, whatever.

    And its own version of Flash, an alternative for cell phone users which can handle video.

    One market you might exploit is the iPhone market since Flash is not supported on that platform.

    Some other glaring weaknesses of InDesign:

    1. Poor indexing, TOC utility which is buggy and apparently doesn't work that well.

    2. Adobe products don't work that well with Microsoft products - like Visio. There are a lot of Visio users out there who wish they could directly import their Visio files into Indesign, but this doesn't work very well or not at all. So if Quark could find a way to seamlessly import diagrams from Visio (somewhat of a competitor with Illustrator), you' d immediately have market. Either that, or make a plug it which does. Form some sort of alliance with Microsoft, since they don't like Adobe that much.

    3. Try as they might, Adobe does not have, and never will have a monopoly on the Video market. They've been outflanked by Apple (final cut) and Avid. Even Sony Vegas. Premiere used to dominate that market somewhat, but no more. They're just a niche player in video. Quark ought to form an alliance with one of the larger video software companies, make quark compatible (like importing FCP or Avid footage), or publishing pages to the web for the cellphone market using a FCP or Avid plug in or both.

    The main reason I'm making these suggestions, is I actually don't like Adobe products. InDesign sucks. Not as good as Quark. ID is just a newer version of PageMaker, which I also never liked much. cS3 was decent, but CS4 is a real memory hog and very buggy. It'd be a shame if a company manufacturing software like that were to gain a monopoly in all the software markets.

    It wouldn't be good if Adobe put Quark Out of business, then we'd be stuck with their bloaty software and no choice.

    So, I hope you don't mind these suggestions. If you want to outflank Adobe, just don't manufacture everything for them. If you people at Quark just kowtow behind Adobe, they'll own you guys forever. Break into different markets. Take advantage of the emerging cellphone and video markets, ones which they don't 'own', and probably never can.

    If Quark or anyone else cares to comment or critique my ideas, please do so.
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