Problems exporting to epub Quark 2015

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Problems exporting to epub Quark 2015

Postby sean_nwfs » 29 Dec 2015, 17:03

I finally found the youtube video that shows how to work with reflow view. I am slowly working through my chapters to use the callout anchors and placing images. I am now having problems with how the images are displaying. For instance, I have an image that is in one specific spot and it is the only place I am using this particular image. When I go to view it in Calibre epub view it is showing up in three different locations!

I have text issues as well. Where there is an image, the subsequent paragraph has missing text. It is usually the first two or three letters of whatever word the first word after an image. This appears to happen when pages are created with over flow text. If I am adding text that come from a single page and it has an image then it looks fine. Is this a bug?

And this is an issue I had in the previous version which I thought got fixed, but my unnumbered and numbered lists all lost their bullets and numbers when I publish to epub.
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