QuarkXPress 10.5 - Books/Job Jacket Issue (multiple users)

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QuarkXPress 10.5 - Books/Job Jacket Issue (multiple users)

Postby PeterJM1234 » 19 Jan 2017, 05:23

We are experiencing some issues using Books in QuarkXPress 10.5 (Windows).

Basically, when multiple 'users' work on chapters the Book seems to go funny. It is fine when only one person has worked on the chapters.

To remedy this we usually create a new book (Save As Quark files to break the link to previous Book and then create a new one) but it is long-winded so would love to find a quicker solution.

I think also that the issue might be linked with Job Jackets.

The message I am getting when trying to open a book is:
The selected Job Jacket is not the missing Job Jacket. Press OK to replace the previously linked Job Jacket with the selected one. Warning, if you replace the Job Jacket, the structure of your book most will be deleted.

If anybody can offer any help on this it would be very appreciated.

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Re: QuarkXPress 10.5 - Books/Job Jacket Issue (multiple user

Postby MikeWenzloff » 19 Jan 2017, 13:03

Hi Jo,

Is there a reason why "users" was in quotes?

In any case, I am a single-person shop these days so haven't had the issue and I rarely use job jackets and don't know if I ever used one on a book job or not (but I don't think so). But it sounds like perhaps the job jacket used by one person isn't the same as another person, or someone that got that message relinked a job jacket and that messes up the book file (perhaps it was yet different).

When I do create books using a book file, I do create it last, though. Which may explain that even though I am a single user I haven't had the issue.

Is the job jacket on a server and available to all users? Is the path to that job jacket the same for all users? And was the book file created that pointed to that single job jacket?

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Re: QuarkXPress 10.5 - Books/Job Jacket Issue (multiple user

Postby PeterJM1234 » 20 Jan 2017, 05:35

Hi Mike

Yes I can confirm our files etc. are all stored on a server and accessed directly from there, we don't drag to desktop or anything and we make sure that files aren't moved around etc.

I think it is an issue with Job Jackets although we don't really have much to do with them (and I don't know much about them), they just seem to be created automatically. I wonder if this can be set through preferences?

I am thinking that, like yourself, our only solution is to not create the book until a later stage whereby a single user is more likely but not the most ideal outcome as exporting to pdf individually is time consuming!

Thanks for your input

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