QuarkXPress to DesignPad

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QuarkXPress to DesignPad

Postby Chair1 » 06 Jan 2014, 01:42

Is there a way to open a native QuarkXPress document in DesignPad so it can be edited and save back to be opened again in full QuarkXPress? I realise the font and image limitations but is it possible?
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QuarkXPress to DesignPad

Postby PTM » 07 Jan 2014, 05:21

Currently this is not possible because the rich layout possibilites of QuarkXPress far surpass the simpler subset of DesignPad and they use entirely separate graphics engines (one native to iOS and the other on a deep cross-platform system developed over decades by Quark). However, there is a possibility that in the near future users will be able to exchange native DesignPad design files and we could create an XTension that would be able to generate these as well ("dumbed down" for DesignPad) in which case you could achieve the goal. Thanks and stay tuned for DesignPad 2 coming soon!
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Re: QuarkXPress to DesignPad

Postby ScarlettZoe » 28 Sep 2014, 23:58

We won't be able to support true round-trip for the foreseeable future due to different graphics and layout engines and fontography (MUCH more advanced in XPress). However, we do plan on making a Quark XTension that will export a simplified DesignPad format that can then be opened by DesignPad. It won't be perfect since each has unique capabilities but it should be cool for a lot of basic designs.To do it 100% we'd need to essentially create QuarkXPress for iPad...who knows maybe an iPad of the future will be able to run Mac OS apps!
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