How to enlarge bubble help and other elements in QuarkXPress

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How to enlarge bubble help and other elements in QuarkXPress

Postby Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 06 May 2014, 20:08

Hi all,
I have been asked a couple of times now how to enlarge certain user interface elements, e.g. bubble help or the tab labels.

Good news are that as QuarkXPress 10 uses Cocoa Apple's standard plist "hacks" work with QuarkXPress 10. Just, to make it a bit more complicated, as there are only a few plist switches, there's not a lot of granularity in controlling what element gets enlarged and which not.
So, if you'd like to try this, here's how:
[b]This tip will enlarge the font size for certain tool bar tabs and bubble help in QuarkXPress 10. Please note that this will only work in QuarkXPress 10, not in versions before.

Before you apply it, please have a backup available, just in case something goes wrong.

1) Close QuarkXPress.
2) Go to ~/Library/Preferences/ please.
3) After having made a backup, open the file com.quark.QuarkXPress.plist, best with a plist editor
4) There are two entries that you can change, they are called
NSToolTipsFont -string font name
NSToolTipsFontSize -number size
Edit these. If you dont see these entries, please add one or both of them.
5) Start QuarkXPress.

Does this work? Please note that some other elements might change unwantingly too, so please test thoroughly.



[b]After (fontsize = 20):
(please note e.g. the default entries for styles)
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