Table of content of all Masterclass tricks

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Table of content of all Masterclass tricks

Postby Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 18 Aug 2014, 08:21

Hi all,

we have been asked numerous times whether we have a table of content for all tips and tricks mentioned in the QuarkXPress Masterclass Webinars.

I have gone through the first two and here's a list of all tips & tricks (in English):

Style sheets (English):
▪ Quickly define a new style sheet:
▪ What’s different in a style sheet (“+“ shows):
▪ Find text and change to style sheet:
▪ Update style sheet definition with local changes:
▪ Apply style sheets to existing text using „Next Style“:
▪ Sharing style sheets with others:
▪ Insert automatic page breaks:
▪ Create alternating lines in a tab separated table:
▪ Apply several style sheets automatically based on content:
▪ Remove characters using Find/Change:

Item Styles (English):
• Create boxes that automatically positions in columns:
• Make items consistent:
• Create drop shadow styles:

Typography (English):
• Can I safely use the bold button?
• Use logos instead of characters and have them running with text:
• Add glyphs to favorites to easily add them again:
• Format fractions properly:
• How to see what features an OpenType offers:
• Don’t use a hyphen as a minus symbol:
• Why to use em-spaces as indents and not absolute numbers:
• The difference about kerning and tracking:
• How to remove manual kerning:
• How to automatically kern two 1’s (like in 11):
• Where you can use swashes:
• How to control when tracking should break ligatures:
• Go for alternative ampersand:
• Apply ordinals (“1st“, “2nd“) automatically:
• Fake small caps vs. proper small caps:

Language & Hyphenation (English):
• Correct hyphenation by language:
• Change all text in a project to another language:
• What does this invisible character stand for?
• Stop URLs from being hyphenated and automatically break at certain points:
• How to quickly find all text overflows:

Other (English):
• Quickly cut/copy boxes while having content tool activated:

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