Quark XPress 10.0.1 PDF import/export problems

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Quark XPress 10.0.1 PDF import/export problems

Postby lpisanec » 10 Nov 2013, 07:20

I do use the test drive version of QXP 10.0.1 on Mac OS X Mavericks.
To test the new native PDF transparency import and export I created a simple document in quark - just some rectangles - and assigned drop shadows to them.I then exported that document as a PDF with native transparency. It works and looks like it should.
After that I created a new document, imported the PDF from above and the drop shadows have gone awry on display and remain that way when I export as PDF with native transparency again.
This was the case with QXP and as well. The update to 10.0.1 at least solved the problem that overprint attributes in placed PDFs are now exported again.
Test documents to demonstrate the issue:
transparency1.qxp is the document built first, then exported as PDF.
transparency2.qxp contains the same objects from transparency1.qxp, and also the placed PDF.
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Quark XPress 10.0.1 PDF import/export problems

Postby MikeWenzloff » 10 Nov 2013, 13:05

On Windows 8.1 and can confirm the messed up import.
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