Exporting as pdf changes all 100k text to 90% blac

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Re: Exporting as pdf changes all 100k text to 90% blac

Postby UtahLlama » 21 Dec 2014, 07:55

sliptrt wrote:Thank you!

I really appreciate your time helping me with my problem.

Well, the text is 90% in Acrobat.

Since my text is definitely 100k in Q, I have no idea why it's exporting to pdf as 90k. I'm guessing it has soimething to do with Q color managemnet, which has been nightmarish and overcomplicated for me since about Q4.

and yet it didn't make to top of the list for Quark2015 development team :twisted:

I'm trying to recall from memory so my facts may not be accurate:
Q4,5, and 6 you could turn off Color Management so you didn't get problems with blacks
Q7 introduced "always-on" Color Management, incorrect settings would convert 100k in photoshop to 91k in pdf, they would have to be really askew to convert 100ktext to 90something. The trick was to use As Is.
Q8 I think quark gave you new Grayscale 100K output profile which would resolve most text and photoshop issues and additionally convert heavy cmyk or RGB photoshop to 100k too
Q9 I guess (never used this version) gave you the PDFX1a standard that Mike is using
Q10 should work as Mike describes, if you are opening legacy files it maybe the document inherits bad Color Management from previous set-up, also there may still be issues with some EPS files being colour converted when they shouldn't because they are classed as RGB when they are not.
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Re: Exporting as pdf changes all 100k text to 90% blac

Postby xheriswan » 20 Jul 2015, 00:04

I have this problem as well. Did you ever find a resolution?
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Re: Exporting as pdf changes all 100k text to 90% blac

Postby A Palaniappan (Quark) » 22 Jul 2015, 04:35


Thank you for contacting Quark.

It seems that you are outputting with the mode selected as 'Grayscale'.

Kindly select the 'Grayscale 100K' mode during output and output and let us know if you facing some other issue.

Kindly send the issues with the files to apalaniappan@quark.com

A. Palaniappan
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