Bug when exporting separate pages to PDF

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Bug when exporting separate pages to PDF

Postby SuperSwede66 » 15 Apr 2015, 11:17

When you want to export a page as a PDF there will be a delay whilst Quark 10.5 presumably checks to make sure all elements are present and correct. In a 40-page document that can take around 18 seconds which is a bit of a pain. But the annoying thing is that Quark 10.5 appears to do this check EVERY time you want to export a PDF. Quark 9 only did it the first time after opening a document.

Now for the painful bit... Exporting a 40-page document takes around 2.5 minutes which is OK (plus 18 seconds prior to that). Exporting the same document as separate pages (as required by our printer) takes over 14.5 minutes (Quark 9 would only take a few minutes). It seems to do the 18-second check for EVERY page it is about to export (18 multiplied by 40 = 720 seconds = 12 minutes which is the extra time taken). That can't be right. Is there a way around this or is it a bug as I suspect.
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