Multiple Page PDF Import

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Multiple Page PDF Import

Postby Vanessa70 » 21 Oct 2014, 21:39

Hi, just wondering if there is a script for Quark 10.2.1 that can do multiple PDF page import? I work with multiple page PDF's that need to be brought into a Quark document and it's very time consuming to have to import one page at a time. I know there's one for indesign, but what about Quark??
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Re: Multiple Page PDF Import

Postby Jean-Marie Schwartz » 22 Oct 2014, 02:08

If AppleScript is not an absolute solution for you, there is one quite easy way to import such PDFs in Quark provided those files are to be placed full page. You first need to split the PDF into single pages in a single folder (Acrobat does that in a couple clicks of a mouse). Then back in Quark use the Image Grid function. The picture boxes dimensions shall be the same as the full page. Then select the folder with the saved PDFs files and let Quark work a bit. HTH.
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