strange color management with Lion and QXP 8.51

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strange color management with Lion and QXP 8.51

Postby philjeun » 27 Jun 2012, 23:19

Hi(Sorry for my poor english language)I've hazardous colors results when doing .eps or .pdf files with importing .eps or/and Pdf files in Quark Xpress 8.51 and Lion (first installed on iMac).I've noted than imported Illustrator eps done with CS2 was not managed as a CS4 one.Doing a pdf and reopen it in Illustrator CS4 show me unavailable color management, all colors are modified (for ex. 100 mag in Xpress 8.51 become C4,88/M99,2/Y17,3/B4,16).And something strange too. Same QXP 8.51, same job, same process, same color management preferences on a G4 with 10.4.11 give me correct results...What a pity that we couldn't even more uncheck color management as old versions !There is a tool with help me but it's embarrassing with an heavy document with many pictures : "profil info" can let me check or not color management for each picture if "manage EPS/PDF" have been checked before.I've choosen "absolutly color in final rendering to keep CMYK value. Is it a good idea ?Thank for your answers
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