Quark 9 - Colours of imported eps/tiff files look faded out

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Quark 9 - Colours of imported eps/tiff files look faded out

Postby Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 02 Feb 2012, 03:27

Hi Tsylvie,
can you please use English language in our forums? We have people from many nations here and the common denominator is English.
If you need to chat in French, then please write Jean-Marie a private message or an email. There's a contact button above each post to contact other users using these methods. Thanks!
Best regards
Automatic Translation:
Salut Tsylvie,

pouvez vous s'il vous plat utiliser l'anglais dans nos forums? Nous avons des gens de beaucoup de nations ici et le dnominateur commun est l'anglais.

Si vous avez besoin de discuter en franais, alors s'il vous plat crivez, Jean-Marie un message priv ou un email. Il ya un bouton au-dessus de contatc chaque poste de contacter d'autres utilisateurs en utilisant ces mthodes. Merci!

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Quark 9 - Colours of imported eps/tiff files look faded out

Postby Jean-Marie Schwartz » 02 Feb 2012, 03:58

Hi Tsylvie! Ive just sent you an email.
Erik, thank you for the info! ;-)
Jean-Marie Schwartz
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Quark 9 - Colours of imported eps/tiff files look faded out

Postby eyoungren » 02 Feb 2012, 04:58

No problem JMS. See you on Facebook! [;)]
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Quark 9 - Colours of imported eps/tiff files look faded out

Postby hootcom » 12 Feb 2012, 09:29

I have encountered the "faded color" issues of color management with Quark 9.1 and 9.2. There are related issues with transparency and shadows not imaging corrected when creating Postscript files (.ps and .eps), and the inability of Quark 9.x to create a proper PDFX/1a file. The solution of changing the color profile on every image file is not practical for the production of publications or catalogs that depend on extensive libraries of existing material. The other work-around solution (for me) has been to save the files back to v8.5 and then move to the only machine I have that supports that version and create my PDFX/1a files there (G5 Power PC). This is neither practical nor efficient. I reported this problem to tech support Dec. 9. I have uploaded sample files to the Quark FTP site on three occasions with no satisfactory solution offered. I have not heard from tech support in more than three weeks since my last upload. Very disappointing.I would not have upgraded to 9.x except for the act that I had a (self-induced) system crash on my MacBook Pro. When the system was restored, I had to reload several applications. At that point Quark 8.5 would not load and tech support informed that v8.5 was not supported on Lion (even through it had been running fine for months on this system). So, I upgraded to 9.x much to my regret. These problems with Quark 9.2 have cost me countless hours and cash expense of more than $1,000 (the cost of the upgrade, a new set of proofs from my printer and subsequently the cost of Q2ID so I could efficiently create decent files for the printer).
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