Colour issue between computers

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Colour issue between computers

Postby Hampshire82 » 09 Jun 2010, 10:15

I worked on a document before sending it off to another office (different country, but still English) who did some work on the document and then sent it back. All of my images "Modified". When I updated them, the images changed colour, sometimes radically. None of the settings that I can tell have been changed on the document and the images themselves have not been changed. I have checked Preferences and Colour Management. I even went to my original document and copied/pasted one of the images (that looked fine) into the document I received back and it "changed colour" as well (to the not so desirable look). I exported hi res pdfs from both documents and the pages are identical, so it has to be a visual thing, not an image/output thing. Anyone have suggestions?
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