I don't get it (Error 4117 - QLAClient.Properties)

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I don't get it (Error 4117 - QLAClient.Properties)

Postby Y2HBK » 27 Mar 2013, 06:10

I recently had to install Quark 9.5.1 on a client's WIndows 7 laptop. She has Quark 8.5.1 as well. Quark 8 works fine and connects perfectly to our server. But when launching Quark 9, I get this error:"Cannot connect to Quark License Administrator, because the file QLAClient.properties could not be found. Please contact your system administrator. 4117"I navigated to C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\QuarkThere is a folder for 8 and 9 there, both with the QLAClient.Properties file in it. I have uninstalled and reinstall Quark 9. I have even tried transferring the file from the Quark 8 folder to the Quark 9 folder. Quark 9 still fails to launch with the same error. The kicker here is that if I log into the laptop as myself with my network account rather than the user, Quark 9 launches fine. So it appears to be an issue with the properties of that user's profile. What are my next steps? Is this file saved in more than one location or something?
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