Is QPP Client (Mac) scriptable?

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Is QPP Client (Mac) scriptable?

Postby jarch » 17 Jul 2015, 11:42

We would like to automate some actions in QPP Client inside QuarkXpress 10.5.2 with applescript. Is this scriptable? Where can I find information about it?
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Re: Is QPP Client (Mac) scriptable?

Postby dlw » 28 Aug 2015, 11:32

Sorry for the slow response, I had to do some research as this question hasn't come up in quite a while.

No, there is not currently an active scripting option in our Platform Client on Mac.

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Re: Is QPP Client (Mac) scriptable?

Postby jaiken » 28 Aug 2015, 15:21

As you may know, the best place for Quark Publishing Platform 10.x documentation is here: ... rm/10.aspx

For Platform automation tasks, Quark Enterprise customers are generally directed to the Script Manager, which provides access to almost everything you can do inside Quark Publishing Platform.

Script Manager supports Groovy and the Rhino flavor of JavaScript. For details, see the Quark Publishing Platform 10.5 User Guide here: ... _en-us.pdf

With some configuration, you can also write scripts using any language supported by the Bean Scripting Framework (BSF), described here:

Finally, in our public Knowledge Base, I found this example (lacks the referenced attachment): ... ss-Project

Let us know more about what you are doing and do explore the Enterprise support channel as well. The support channel is best if you want access to a JavaScript code sample to help get you started with Script Manager.

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