Spellcheck ?

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Spellcheck ?

Postby wcajas » 08 Oct 2008, 06:43

To whom it may concern,Can I add characters into the spellcheck tool. We use certain characters and rules in our documents in a daily basis and it is a waste of time to revise by eye all these documents to ensure the rules are applied successfully. if we are able to run a spell check with our rules that would be a big time saver.For example: usually anyone would write "epro #" like this, we spell it like this "ePRO #"Please advise,Thanks,Walter
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Spellcheck ?

Postby Craig Lanning » 08 Oct 2008, 10:36

Hi Walter,If you are talking about spell checking in QuarkXPress, there isn't a way to do it with the default spell checker that ships with the product. However, there are XTensions that offer extended spell check features, among them SpellBound and Speller XT. You can find these on The Power XChange web site (http://www.thepowerxchange.com). If you are talking about doing the spell check in QuarkCopyDesk, Speller XT (also available from The Power XChange) is also made for this application. Please let us know if we may be of further assistance.Kindest Regards,Craig LanningQuark, Inc.
Craig Lanning
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Spellcheck ?

Postby AlexL » 04 Nov 2009, 09:03

Hi Craig,
I've been using Quark for 15 years or so. It's always had a pretty pathetic spellchecker, but I just used Quark 8's spellchecker for the first time, and it's actually worse than it's ever been. The first thing is it doesn't tell you how many suspect words are in a file (story, etc.), just a word count and the number of unique words. The second, much worse problem is that it keeps asking about the same word (someone's name, for example) when it pops up repeatedly in a file. Is there a fix to this problem (other than adding every recurring word to the auxillary dictionary, that is)? Is Quark ever going to do anything about its now-approaching-futile spellchecker? Just wondering. Any helpful feedback would be appreciated.
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