Suggestions for Client access to QPS Scripts

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Suggestions for Client access to QPS Scripts

Postby gavandi » 01 Jun 2009, 12:49

There should be a way to limit client (user) access to QPS Script Manager scripts, yet still make (admin approved) scripts available to the users.

Ideally this would be an Icon in the List window (Query palette) , which the user would click to get a list of scripts available to run against the assets available in the currently active List window.

This would allow administrators to write scripts without static variables, those variables would come from the user's List (ie-Publication name, Issue date, Status(es), etc.). It would also prevent accidental modifications to existing scripts.
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Suggestions for Client access to QPS Scripts

Postby Arminder Singh » 02 Jun 2009, 09:21

Dear Gerald,
Thank you for your valuable feedback.
Your request has been passed to the product team. We value each and every request submitted by our customers and make all efforts to include in future releases. All feature requests go into a formal process that includes:
- Documenting and submitting request for product review teams.
- Prioritizing and reviewing each recommendation.
- Assigning a scheduled release date, if appropriate.
As of now, we cannot confirm by which release this functionality would be available, if applicable. I suggest you check back with the enterprise support team at a later date.
For future reference, you can submit the enhancement requests for QuarkEnterprise Products to the Enteprise Support team
Thank you for your understanding, incase you have any further question, please do let us know.
Arminder Singh
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Suggestions for Client access to QPS Scripts

Postby JRS » 03 Jun 2009, 09:10

I like this idea, a bit different from what I've thought, but I definitely agree on the need. While server-side scripting is great, I've expressed to Quark both my disappointment at the loss of client-side scripting and the loss of existing AppleScript support in the clients, as there are many times you want to execute something in the client context, either on an open (or new) document, or on the query palette contents as you describe.I've wondered if a good start on the client side might be to simply provide some sort of doscript action that passes the current environment information (user, frontmost query, maybe more) along with the name of the script being called back to the ScriptManager. This would let you at least run an action on a set of files in a query, which would be a good start.It would be really nice if scripts could somehow be published as you describe for the use of users from client applications as well. Right now everything has shifted to centralized processing, which is great for the types of things supported by example scripts, but wholly unsuitable for some things we could script in 3.6 even with the limits of client-side scripting at that time.
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Suggestions for Client access to QPS Scripts

Postby gavandi » 03 Jun 2009, 10:27

John, thanks for driving the point further home.
I like and see the potential of server side scripting (ie-being able to trigger automatic .pdf creation on status change), but in our ever shrinking prepress department, this could wreck total havoc on the remaining person(s). There are still a lot of manual tasks that have to be performed after the file is created, so we would prefer to run the scripts manually. Plus, the thought of having to modify a manually executed script every month, for each publication title, just seems like a disaster waiting to happen. (Based on a single script 12 titles X 12 months = 144 changes to a script per year)
My thoughts were that the list of available scripts would be ones that we (administrators) set to be manually executed and maybe limited by pub title and/or group id, most users (I am talking about Editors, and even some Art Directors, you know the ones) do not need to see the server side activity or perform any scripts at all.
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