PSD files not working

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PSD files not working

Postby Couls75 » 21 Aug 2015, 02:53

Hi all,

Recently upgraded to 2015 and having issues with PSD files. I'm opening old Q8 documents and they all look fine but then suddenly some of them have started having issues with layers on PSD files even after optimising for Q2015. The documents are around A4 and contain 120 pages, each with around 7 or 8 hi-res images on. The transparent areas of layers are rendering as white. I've used the Cache Cleaner, held command down when opening the job and neither of these things fix the issue. The files are stored on a MacMini server and opened from my iMac. If i amend the original image files then update them in Quark the issue still remains. If i re-import the images the issue still remains. The images are CMYK, 300dpi and 420mm tall. Even if i condense them to 150mm tall, RGB and 300dpi the issue still remains. I've tried outputting the job to a PDF and the issue is there in the final PDF so it's not just the preview version of the image rendering incorrectly. I've deleted all but one spread before which reduces the file size and the issue remains.

I have found only one cure - if i collect for output to my local Mac, disconnect the server and open the job then Q2015 finds the images stored on the local Mac and they render and output correctly.

Please can you advise.

Many thanks,


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Re: PSD files not working

Postby reixirei » 13 Sep 2015, 17:08

I'm having the exact same problem, I don't know what to do, it's impossible to work while this keeps happening :(
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Re: PSD files not working

Postby Sirish Nair (Quark) » 14 Sep 2015, 03:35

Hi Couls 75 and reixirei,

I will try to look into your issue. Could you kindly mail me at
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Re: PSD files not working

Postby mmasch » 29 Oct 2015, 09:16

Just would like you to know that I also experience the same problem :shock:

Im on a iMac Retina 5K late 2014 running OS X 10.11.1 and Quark2015 v11.2
The files lies on external disks on another Mac running OS X 10.11.1 and Server 5.0.15
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Re: PSD files not working

Postby mmasch » 04 Nov 2015, 06:51

Looks like I have found a way around this problem, but it still needs to be fixed in QxP2015...

In Photoshop, create a new Alpha channel in the Channels tab (Default name: Alpha1)
Use that to create your mask (for example to cut out the background). Save as .PSD file.
Import the image (or drag/drop) to your layout.

Select the image, then click the Clipping tab in Quark tool menu (in the bottom of your screen), and set the dropdown menus to Alpha Channel and the dropdown under that to Alpha1

This solved the problem for me, and outputs a correct PDF file :)

But I hope the Quarkians fixes this so one can use native .PSD files with transparent backgrounds directly...
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Re: PSD files not working

Postby max.peter » 05 Nov 2015, 07:36

Looks like I have found a way around this problem, but it still needs to be fixed in QxP2015...

You can use as well a layered TIFF file. It can also have masks or saved selections on a layer. TIFF files have never got any problem for me.
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Re: PSD files not working

Postby mmasch » 12 Nov 2015, 08:36

Thank you for your tip, max.peter.
I will try this.
However, TIFF files get's a lot bigger in Mb. than JPG files, so it still would be nice if Quark would fix this 8-)
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Re: PSD files not working

Postby Car1980 » 07 Nov 2016, 11:03

Opened up a catalogue job from 2015, full of transparent PSDs (back when it was a big thing that Quark now supported PSDs and transparency).

Two years later and I've now got to convert hundreds of graphics to TIFF files and reimport them all because all the transparent areas are now solid white.

Thanks Quark.
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