Issues with Templates and or Pages

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Issues with Templates and or Pages

Postby Keithalmli » 07 Nov 2016, 12:07

I'm running into issues at our newspaper, and it seems to be a strange occurrence. We have several issues we are fighting with, and they have started recently.

We have images which somehow add a "shading layer" to it when clearly its was unmodified. We can put the source image on multiple computers and it displays perfectly, UNTIL it goes into quark.

I was able to find a quick workaround to "update the picture" but once the quark file thats being worked on is opened on another machine it reverts back to the default problem.

We also are running into issues where the fonts look different on each computer (in quark) additionally, when our paper printed it printed a format which nobody seen on previews...

Any ideas ? is this a cache problem, maybe permissions?
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Re: Issues with Templates and or Pages

Postby MikeWenzloff » 09 Nov 2016, 12:40

Might be the cache. In the Tools folder there is the Quark Cache Cleaner application. The cache cleaner is a per-seat cleansing so each computer has to have it run separately.

As regards font-specific issue and a cache, the font cache is an OS thing and depending on the OS, it is different as to how those caches are reset. As well, if you are using font management software, it may well have its own cache.

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