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No Disk File Exists

Postby tbottman » 04 Jan 2017, 18:03

When I am working in a Quark 2015 (11.2) document and I simply copy pictures from one page and paste them into another page or another document they are converted to low resolution pict files. And some of the TIFF files come through just fine - on the same page. Has never happened before. When looking in "Usage" the file name is "NO DISK FILE", the format is PICT, and the message is "Picture copied from clipboard, no disk file exists." I have produced many catalogs doing the same thing - basically copying from the last years catalog and pasting pictures into the new document. Always have to re-establish the link to the TIFF file, but the name is always there, and Quark will connect once I direct it to the proper folder. Any help would be appreciated. thanks
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Re: No Disk File Exists

Postby pjanssen » 05 Jan 2017, 04:56

I encountered the same problem in the past. Not 100% sure, but check if the linked files in the old documents have file extensions. Problems should be gone when you resave images with file extension and relink them.

Quark 2015 and later have some problems with linked images without file extensions.
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