FAQ about HTML5 Publications

Ask questions about creating HTML5 Publications (fixed or responsive) using QuarkXPress 2016 and 2017. HTML5 Publications allow you to create online publications with near-WYSIWYG typography and design and app-like interactivity – at no extra cost.

FAQ about HTML5 Publications

Postby Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 03 Mar 2016, 03:03

Hi all,

Quark released QuarkXPress 2016, the next major version of QuarkXPress, on May 24, 2016.

As many questions have been asked about the new HTML5 Publications, here are some answers to frequently asked questions. By the way, most questions seem to be asked on Facebook, so why don't you join us there: https://www.facebook.com/groups/quarkxpress/

Q. Is a HTML5 Publications an app?
A. No, they are pure HTML5, so they'll play in all modern browsers. So they are platform-independent and the viewer doesn't need to install anything. Also no plug-in needed. Technology-wise they are a like a website using HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript. Therefore they'll also play on Mac OS X and Windows (inside a browser).

Q. What does app-like interactivity then mean?
A. It means that you can enrich HTML5 Publications use the same interactivity that you know from native apps. Like slideshows, animations, popups, scroll areas and so on.

Q. Do I need to create everything from scratch?
A. You can start from scratch if you want to. You can also simply convert your print layouts should you have one.

Q. Once exported, how do I install HTML5 Publications?
A. When you created an HTML5 Publication via export out of QuarkXPress 2016, you will get a collection of files and folders on your local machine, which are the HTML5 files, CCS and JS files. Copy these to your webserver (e.g. via FTP). That's it.
Everybody who wants to view the HTML5 Publication you created doesn't need to install anything, they just need to enter the URL of your webserver in their browser.

Q. Can I view HTML5 Publications locally on my Mac/Win machine?
A. Yes. Either press the preview button in QuarkXPress 2016 and it will launch a web browser that shows you everything in your default browser. Or start a webserver on your machine and manually copy the exported HTML5 Publication in there. Then you can even host it in your own network.

Q. Is there any digital publishing service or digital publishing solution needed?
A. No. You create everything locally.

Q. Is there any network communication between QuarkXPress 2016 and any kind of server needed to created HTML5 Publications?
A. No. You can create everything even being offline.

Q. So there are no additional costs involved?
A. Correct, except the purchase of QuarkXPress 2016, no additional costs.
Of course if you rent an external webserver that will cost you something, however that's nothing Quark will charge you. And you can of course use your existing webserver (should you already have one).

Q. Can I customize the way HTML5 Publications are displayed?
A. Yes. Everything that is on the page you design in QuarkXPress 2016. Everything that's around it, so the navigation, the scrubber bar, the background, whether social sharing buttons should show etc. you configure using a simple text editor after having exported them out of QuarkXPress 2016. It's done in a JSON file, which is a web standard and is basically a human-readable configuration file.

Q. Will Web Analytics work, e.g. Google Analytics?
A. Yes. You can turn it on and off in the config file.

Q. Can I also create native apps with QuarkXPress 2016?
A. Yes. However, not with HTML5 Publications:
As App Studio is built into QuarkXPress 2016, you can of course also upload the Digital layout you created for HTML5 Publications to my.appstudio.net. Your content will look exactly the same in a native app, however the experience will be slightly different (as it will display in a native app then and not a browser). And using App Studio there will be costs involved (free test version available to try).

If you have more questions, please ask.

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