Exporting HTML5 as Email Templates for Joomla

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Exporting HTML5 as Email Templates for Joomla

Postby britsmith » 15 Oct 2016, 05:31

I'm trialling QuarkXPress 2016 and have exported a simple layout to use as an email template, specifically using AcyMailing in Joomla 3.6. However, when I attempt to import the template (as a ZIP archive as instructed by AcyMailing) Joomla refuses to upload the ZIP 'for security reasons'. So I'm not sure whether this is likely to be a Joomla restriction or a Quark limitation. Maybe Quark's HTML5 is not suitable for this purpose. Can anyone help me with this?
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Re: Exporting HTML5 as Email Templates for Joomla

Postby max.peter » 15 Oct 2016, 07:08

IMHO there is a problem with Joomla settings.
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