Long save times...

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Long save times...

Postby PrintingServices » 06 Feb 2017, 05:17

Hi all
I'm experiencing very long save times using Quark 2016 on my brand new 2016 iMac.
Although this is not the model with the Fusion drive, it does have plenty of RAM and a fresh hard drive that hasn't had years of saving to/reading from...

Compared to my old 2010 iMac, running Snow Leopard and Quark 8 (which is sitting beside the new one), save times are considerably l-o-n-g-e---r. In fact, saving a 79-page document (which has around eight images per page) took so long on the new machine that I went for a 20-minute walk so that I didn't have to sit and look at a spinning beachball any more!

The beachball seems to appear on every save, even simple single-page documents. Other programs don't seem to suffer from this lag.

I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue? Is it known? Can I do anything about it??

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Re: Long save times...

Postby Sascia » 09 Mar 2017, 06:26

Yes ...
I have same problem.
When I open and when I save a old and new document, I wait for a long time save.

You have solved this problem?

Please, let me know
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Re: Long save times...

Postby PrintingServices » 13 Mar 2017, 07:53

Hi there Sascia

Sorry, no. I haven't solved the problem!
Saves are still taking a lot longer than on the old iMac.
I'm wishing we could have afforded the Fusion hard drive in the new iMac now - maybe that is the problem?

Let me know if you ever find a solution yourself!


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Re: Long save times...

Postby jgold723 » 11 May 2017, 13:48

I had the same problem here and solved it partially by upgrading my mechanical drive to an SSD. It greatly cut save times. I also discovered that the first save of a document after first opening it is the longest and subsequent saves and much quicker.

I think this is a flaw in the newer versions of Quark (It started for me with the upgrade to 2015) and I'm hoping they'll fix it. But in the meantime, if you can manage to upgrade the drive, it should help.

The drive upgrade, by the way, made a whole lot of things faster on my machine, not just Quark.
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