Zoom using scroll wheel (Mac, QX 2016)

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Zoom using scroll wheel (Mac, QX 2016)

Postby drichter17 » 09 May 2017, 11:04

I've been using QuarkXpress on Windows for over a decade now, but have recently changed jobs and am now using QuarkXpress (2016) on Mac (El Capitan - v10.11.6) and I can't figure out how to zoom in/out using the scroll wheel on the mouse. No key combos seem to affect the action of the scroll wheel other than Shift+Scroll, which just changes scrolling from vertical to horizontal. Control+Shift changes the cursor to the magnifying glass icon, which *seems* like it should allow you to zoom in/out, but the scroll wheel just scrolls horizontally instead (as if pressing Shift+Scroll).

Using Command + Plus/Minus to zoom in/out is extremely inefficient - I can't imagine this option wouldn't be included on Mac... I can only assume there's some setting I need to change, but I can't find any documentation online, or on this site (I've seen a few similar questions about older versions, but no actual solutions that work).
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