How to Fix Overset or Overflow Text

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Re: How to Fix Overset or Overflow Text

Postby MikeWenzloff » 27 Jun 2017, 20:16

In the Preferences I mentioned earlier, there is a setting as to how to handle additional text. It is in the Print Layout, General section. ou can set a drop-down list to how you desire Q to flow pages or not.

So if it is all one big "Story," setting that option (Auto Page Insertion) to End of Story or End of Document should handle whatever it is you desire to do--once that text frame is added and properly linked on the Master page.

My point about adding the pages in the middle, breaking the text flow, etc., was all about how to deal with where you find your self now without an Automatic Text Box.

Please just test all this using a copy of your publication. It works, and if you get stuck, we can help.

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