Dropping out backgrounds

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Dropping out backgrounds

Postby Jim8Davis » 17 Aug 2017, 16:02

Working in Quark Xpress 2016 I have a document that has a 70% black background. I have a red logo that is a psd that has the background removed in Photoshop. I have dropped the red logo into the 70% black background successfully. But now I want to place the exact same logo, but in black instead of red, behind the red logo but slightly offset to give it a drop shadow effect. So I took the black logo and removed the background in Photoshop and saved it as a psd. There is the grayed out checkerboard background which means nothing is there. However, when I created a second picture window (with "none" selected for the picture window) against the 70% black background and dropped the black logo in it, instead of the 70% black background showing up, the background is red. I have no idea where that red came from. Any ideas how to get rid of it?
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Re: Dropping out backgrounds

Postby MikeWenzloff » 17 Aug 2017, 17:00

So one logo is red, the other is black and the black one is positioned behind the red one, correct? And these psd files have different file names?
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Re: Dropping out backgrounds

Postby PrintingServices » 22 Aug 2017, 04:39

Hi there
I often experience a similar issue... (using Quark 2016, with latest update, on a new Mac).
Sometimes, when importing a PSD file containing a 'cutout' image with a transparent background into a picture box with background set to 'None', the image will appear in Quark 2016 with a solid background - usually either black or white. Nothing can be done to remove the background.
My only solution is to Quit out of Quark entirely and restart it. This gets rid of any background aberrations and I can continue as planned.

I also get strange 'wobbly' images sometimes - these are usually PSD files with multiple layers.
Again, the only solution is a full Quark Quit!

Let us know if this helps!
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Re: Dropping out backgrounds

Postby A Palaniappan (Quark) » 29 Aug 2017, 05:42


Thank you for contacting Quark.

Kindly provide the affected images with the project to verify the issue.

A. Palaniappan
A Palaniappan (Quark)
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