Website Design Capability

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Website Design Capability

Postby paulperlow » 07 Jun 2017, 13:35

Can Quarkxpress 2017(or 2016) be used to create and implement an entire website from scratch or just a publication?
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Re: Website Design Capability

Postby MikeWenzloff » 07 Jun 2017, 14:29

Web development, export, went out with version 9 I think. You can develop HTML5 publications, but not really a web site.

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Re: Website Design Capability

Postby paulperlow » 07 Jun 2017, 16:26

Thanks. That's what I thought but their customer service is saying otherwise.
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Re: Website Design Capability

Postby Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 08 Jun 2017, 01:36

Hi Paul,

it depends what you call a website I guess. ;-)

HTML5 Publications is 100% HTML5 with several pages, links, menus, interactivity, videos, audio, zoomable etc. However it's a publication (and that's why we called it that way) to indicate it's linear story telling (which of course you can break by settings jumps etc). You can convert an existing Print layout into a HTML5 Publication or create a HTML5 Publication from scratch.
QuarkXPress 2016/2017 can create that, QX2017 even in a responsive manner.

A website is more like a spiderweb, where you have a start page and jump to other pages and don't really have a red thread. That's nothing that QuarkXPress 20xx creates.

Best to have a look yourself, the Test Drive (3 days or 30 days) is fully functional and the HTML5 is created locally, so you see the look and feel and see the code if desired: ... Drive.aspx

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Re: Website Design Capability

Postby Designer » 06 Oct 2017, 14:29


I was told by customer service that websites could be created in the QuarkXPress 2017 version. I was pleased to learn that information and started to read the Digital Publishing guide of QuarkXPress 2017. Next, I started checking for sample sites, etc., and came across this forum discussion. It sounds like website design is not an option, correct?

Otherwise, please direct me to some QuarkXPress 2017 HTML5 designed sites or pages.

thank you
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