Placing Images Over Imported Text

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Placing Images Over Imported Text

Postby Terry Smythe » 12 Jul 2017, 21:47

My ID document starts out in life as an imported WORD document, no space provided for graphics. How do I insert an image into text such that text is forced to reflow? All my attempts to bring an image into the document simply hides the text behind it. Finger trouble?
Terry Smythe
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Re: Placing Images Over Imported Text

Postby MikeWenzloff » 13 Jul 2017, 00:05

ID = InDesign?

In any case, if you want an image free floating, once the image is imported, set the wrap setting on the image box using the appropriate section of the Measurement Palette. Press ctrl/cmd + m and that should get you to the appropriate section of the measurement palette using a Mac or open the Modify dialog if using Windows.

If you want that image box to be inline so it flows with text, cut it from the document, place the text cursor in the text where you want the image and paste it. It will now be an inline image and you can set the appropriate type of inline image.

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