Registration Mark off page?

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Registration Mark off page?

Postby bayleafmedia » 06 Oct 2017, 10:44


noob question. I am having difficulty with registration marks on a project. These marks extend beyond the edge of the page when printing and only stay contained if I "fit to print area." I do not want to scale my document down (because it will no longer be the correct size). It is an 8.5x11 project with no content beyond the margins or registration area (I have moved the bottom content up to stay inside the redzone [which according to quark is about 1" from the bottom of my document]). I get that the registration marks need real estate, but it seems to me like that should be set to the edges of my document by default(not scaled) and not an inch beyond my right and bottom edges. They are useless to me there :).

Thoughts on how to have my registration marks fit within the layout specs without resizing the content (I have created a new blank document and the preview still shows registration marks extending beyond the page limits)? Am I doing this wrong? (I do not have imposition software).

(How do I upload an image to the forums?)

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Re: Registration Mark off page?

Postby MikeWenzloff » 10 Oct 2017, 14:01

When replying, there is a tab below the reply box that says "Upload Attachment." Then click on the Choose File button, then the Add File button. Repeat for adding more than one image to a post. There is a limit to how many images one can upload in a single post, so if more are needed, one needs to basically reply again after submitting the first post and add more images.

When designing something with bleed and/or crop marks, the expectation is that one is printing to a larger sheet size than the design is on. In your case of letter-sized pages, that would be "Letter Extra" (9" x 12" paper) or larger paper. This is then trimmed down to the cut marks.

If you need the print to fit to letter-size paper, either one needs to design to a smaller page size or not use bleed or print marks.

I also never print direct from any application. Instead I export as a PDF and print from Acrobat or whatever PDF viewer I am using. I suspect the "red zone" is taken from your print driver to show you the unprintable area. However, the same issue may apply--a print driver typically has an unprintable area that is smaller than the paper size unless it has the capability of printing "edge to edge."

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Re: Registration Mark off page?

Postby bayleafmedia » 12 Oct 2017, 14:26

Thanks for the reply Mike. A custom paper size will probably be the way I go. I appreciate the information.

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