Image scaling Bug?

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Image scaling Bug?

Postby chrisnz_nz » 08 Dec 2017, 22:11

Hi all,

Just been battling another issue here in QXP 2017 (13.1.1) on Mac OSX 10.12.6 on Mac Pro. When i have a large image in a small picture box and the file is scaled to a very small percentage (something like 3-5%), I can't scale the image with the pointer. I can only use the tool palette with the percentage. Once I scale the image up a bit, I can start using the pointer again. If I scale that image back down to a similar size, the ability to select the image and scale it disappears again. Could someone else try this on a Mac and report back please so i can figure out if this is a local issue, thanks!

(Edited to add more clarity)

Just found that it seems the threshold for this seems 5% size. When i have a bunch of images smaller than 5% they have the issue, and a few of the big bunch of images are already at 7%+, those at slightly bigger scale don't exhibit the issue of not being able to select and scale the picture in the box.

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