Cursor symbol does not show up.

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Cursor symbol does not show up.

Postby Jim8Davis » 06 Apr 2018, 17:46

I am not sure if I am using the correct terminology but when I am working with text in Quark Xpress 2017, and I place the cursor at the end of a sentence and want to add more text, when I click my mouse the blinking vertical bar shows up. But if I hit the tab or the space bar, that blinking vertical bar disappears. Sometimes I might hit the space bar several times but without the vertical blinking bar being visible, I have no idea where on my page the text will show up when I start typing. I am not sure but I don't believe this issue showed up until I upgraded to Quark 2017.

Another issue that just cropped up for the first time last week, and is still doing it is when I have a page open on the monitor and click on another file, always in the past the new page appeared over the already open page. Now the new page is opening behind the already open page. Sometimes the new page is totally obscured by the already open page. This is extremely annoying.
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