PDF export issues with eps images

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PDF export issues with eps images

Postby MarkyBoy » 23 May 2018, 10:58

Is anyone else experiencing issues with pdf export of eps images?

I am having a lot of random problems with eps image exports, lines looking thicker than they should be, parts of images cut off - then if I export again the problems disappear to be replaced by others (without making any changes to the quark file).

I am using the default 'press' setting.

I have also noticed that when exporting to pdf quark documents that use tables that some of the grid lines in the table disappear in the pdf unless I export the pages as single pdfs. - which also sometimes cures the eps problem above.

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Re: PDF export issues with eps images

Postby MarkyBoy » 24 May 2018, 11:33

What would be the difference between using PDF/X and using the default PDF - Press Quality setting to send files to a printer?
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Re: PDF export issues with eps images

Postby UtahLlama » 25 May 2018, 05:45

PDFX info here

PDFX is a set of standards, you can still produce good pdfs without being PDFX, you can still produce bad pdfs that pass PDFX.

main difference to default (Press settings) is PDFX 1 and 3 will not allow transparency. PDFX 4 will allow transparency but demands certain color information that is at least referenced.

working in pre-press my preference is not to bother with PDFX, I'd always prefer pdfs to have transparency, and prefer cmyk+profile but happy with cmyk without profile.
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