Blog explaining Rendering Intent, Perceptual & Relative Col.

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Blog explaining Rendering Intent, Perceptual & Relative Col.

Postby Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 09 Mar 2015, 08:14

Hi all,

here's a nice blog post explaining about Rendering Intents, specifically Perceptual and Relative Colormetric.

I like the animations: ... ng-intent/

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Re: Blog explaining Rendering Intent, Perceptual & Relative

Postby UtahLlama » 12 Mar 2015, 16:23

I like the animations but, and I might be wrong, the descriptions and animations seem to refer to Absolute Colorimetric and Relative Colorimetric rather than Relative Colorimetric and Perceptual :oops:

My understanding of Perceptual would be that you imagine a larger circle enclosing the out of gamut colours then shrink the whole circle and contents to the smaller size, so in effect every colour is shifted.

Also the article dismisses Absolute Colorimetric as something used only by medics :roll: when its commonly used by PrePress to convert cmyk to a larger multi-ink space on an ink jet proofer.
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