Line ending styles

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Line ending styles

Postby Jiri Melnicky » 12 Apr 2017, 14:18

Query for creators of Quark. How many years do we wait? Thank you for answer...

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Re: Line ending styles

Postby Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 20 Apr 2017, 04:53

Hi Jiri,

the decision is all with you, that's why every two years we let everybody vote on the priority of wishlist features.
And start to implement them then from the top.

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Matthias Guenther (Quark)
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Re: Line ending styles

Postby AndAnAs » 20 Apr 2017, 08:56

Jiri, hi! Use my hints:

1) Draw any path.
2) Click Item> Content> Text.
3) FOR LINE ENDINGS. Add text to path: any dingbat for start curve, one keyboard space, dingbat for end of curve, and press Ctrl + Enter. Use Glyph palette.
FOR FIGURED LINE. Add text to path: any dingbats from start to end and more, for a possible scale. Use Copy/Paste. And press Ctrl + Enter. Change size, color and tracking in Measurement Palette.
4) Select all text and change text alignment to Justify. Use Measurements Palette> Text Path> Align Text & Text Tab> Baseline for precise vertical alignment of dingbats.

1) Draw any box.
2) Use Scissors tool for cut box in any point.
3) Add text to path: any dingbats from start to end. Use Copy/Paste.
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