Desperate to Load Quark 7 on Windows 7

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Desperate to Load Quark 7 on Windows 7

Postby Kalliope » 28 Oct 2015, 10:00

I was in a head on collision and am just now feeling better. I purchased Quark 7 for my XP OS and the computer hard drive crashed.

I don't have access to registration # because it is written on a Quark file that I can no longer open.

My new OS is Windows 7 and it won't allow me to upload to my computer.

Any suggestions? Please help. I literally have hundreds of Quark files I need to have access to.
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Re: Desperate to Load Quark 7 on Windows 7

Postby Sarbjit Singh » 30 Oct 2015, 00:41

You may download QuarkXPress 7.5 from the following link: ... px?fid=118

First, install it as a "test drive" (30 day evaluation mode). Then you may open the QuarkXPress file that has your "Validation Code" for installation. Keep a copy in some other format. Uninstall QuarkXPress and then re-install with your "Validation Code".
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