Question about master pages and numbering

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Question about master pages and numbering

Postby amckinney » 06 Jun 2017, 16:01

Long-time user here.

I have a document that has to be consecutively-numbered 1-750 on the front side, and have a "sign-in sheet" on the back. In other words, the front side of each page is a different number, and the back page is the same for all of them.

At first, I thought I could simply set up Master Page A with the page-numbering code, and put the sign-in sheet on the B master page. However, there appears to be no way in QXP to apply one master page to left-hand pages ONLY and a separate master to right-hand pages ONLY.

Of course, the solution I tried was a facing-pages spread with one of those two masters on the left-hand and the other on the right. It works EXCEPT I don't get consecutive numbers! I get either all-odd or all-even.

Is there any way to change the automatic numbering to go in sequence (rather than by page number), or am I stuck with having to do a work-around (such as printing out all the numbers, then flipping over the paper and printing all the backs)?
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Re: Question about master pages and numbering

Postby MikeWenzloff » 06 Jun 2017, 19:39

You could always use a text box on the A master and thread a text file numbered 1-750, making the text box able to only hold a single line of text. Then apply the B master to the backsides.

I've done this for quotes that appeard at the bottom of each page ina document before (a threaded text box, just not numbers) and it worked out well. I've also used a threaded text box for ticket numbering (that had odd numbering I couldn't replicate using a number style). The back side of each page held the common backs of the tickets.

If this would work for you, just use Excel or another spreadsheet application to fill a column with the numbers, then copy/paste it into a text editor and save as a text file.

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Re: Question about master pages and numbering

Postby Jean-Marie Schwartz » 07 Jun 2017, 04:31

amckinney wrote:However, there appears to be no way in QXP to apply one master page to left-hand pages ONLY and a separate master to right-hand pages ONLY.

Hi! I'm not with you. If you want all left-hand pages with a specific master applied to and right-hand pages with another master applied to, why don't you simply set the left-hand page of the Master Page A and set the right-hand page of the very Master Page differently? So that applying MP A to every pages would result in having left and right pages set accordingly, with only one MP.
This said, I don't understand why you cannot apply a MP to every left-hand pages and another MP to every right-hand pages. I do that very often. What's the problem? Or am I missing sth?
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Re: Question about master pages and numbering

Postby PetarMakedonecot » 11 Jun 2017, 04:16

as I understood you, you need same numbers on both sides. If you didn't find solutions up to now (there is no answer from you), here is a .txt file with two columns of numbers from 1-750 separated with TAB. Just create 2 text boxes on master page A (left and right side), and insert the file as usual on real pages.
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