How do I automate some functionalities ? or do I need Kytek?

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How do I automate some functionalities ? or do I need Kytek?

Postby Yadith » 11 Jun 2018, 14:04


I am new to QuarkXpress and everything publishing. I am a full time math teacher and also a mother and I am writing a math workbook for the past two years, and I am doing everything from scratch (creating the exercises, sketching using Affinity Designer, Math Magic for equations and formulas) and learning the software at once as I go with my book project. I already have hundreds of pages and need a few hundreds more. Since my book is getting big, I am having some issues with manually handling all this book. For example, I have 100 lessons, and I need to add a new lesson after Lesson 20 which means Lesson 21 will become 22 and so on. I have to change the # of the Lesson manually for all the Lessons that go after which is time consuming because sometimes I am adding more lessons. Another problem is that I like to add notes on many exercises throughout the book telling the student to refer to a previous lesson on "x" page for review; however, because I am adding lessons or pages in between, then the page # change and then my notes don't match the specific page I want.

Is there anyway I can automate this to save lots of time?

I know there is an Xtension called Kytek Autopage which is designed to work with textbooks and make things easier.
First, I have not found any training online/videos on how to use Kytek. I e-mailed Kytek to ask for the price for a Personal Edition and to my surprised they told me it is $7,500. This is almost 9 times what I paid for QuarkXpress ! I would not mind paying $750, but an extra zero to the price is way too much for me because I am not a publishing house. I am just working slowly on my book because I work full time and also have to dedicate time to my 4 year old son plus house chores, cooking, gardening, etc.

Thanks for the advice
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Re: How do I automate some functionalities ? or do I need Ky

Postby Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 13 Jun 2018, 04:21

Hi Yadith,

that's hard to say without seeing the project and yes, there are great 3rd party automation solutions around QuarkXPress.

It depends what you want to automate. E.g. "page reference" is a feature of QuarkXPress 2018, so you can have QuarkXPress change the reference automatically when the referenced text moves to another page.

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Re: How do I automate some functionalities ? or do I need Ky

Postby Yadith » 15 Jun 2018, 21:36

Thank you very much. I will try “Page Reference”. I did not know about that.
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