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by arcacar9
08 Feb 2019, 15:48
Forum: Quark License Administrator
Topic: License Activation
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License Activation

I have QuarkExpress 10 and started getting a notice that my trial period had expired after using 10 for a long time. It will not let me reactivate because I am then told I have excedded my license total number. I only run this on one (1) PC. I do not have a license transfer link in the software. Ple...
by arcacar9
11 Jan 2016, 17:39
Forum: QuarkXPress 8, 9 & 10: General
Topic: Pages being added automatically
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Pages being added automatically

Here is the info: QuarkXpress : 10.5.2 Windows :10 I have been using this software for about a year. For some reason a new page is being added to the layout automatically. If I add anything to page two a new page three will pop up. If I save the layout, a new page three will be added. Sometimes if I...

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