The NEW App Studio announced

Discuss all aspects of the HTML5-based native apps: From content design and enrichment in InDesign CS5.x, CS6 & CC and/or QuarkXPress 9.5, 10, 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018 to creating your app, submitting it and publishing it to Android tablet, Android phone, iPad, iPhone and Web Apps. Free Trial can be found here:

Also discuss the FREE (as in: "no additional costs") single app export from QuarkXPress here.
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The NEW App Studio announced

Post by JustinTMG » 03 Dec 2012, 14:24

Is the update actually live or are you just allowing folks to download the pre-release? I'm having all kinds of problems with the version I downloaded from The app on my iPad for testing is unpredictable, and at this point, is locked in a "waiting" mode and won't update the issue file. Viewing on line, isn't bad, but I'm having trouble even creating links within the document as the instructions for finding the Article ID in the guide don't match up with the actual website and everything that I've tried don't seem to work. Additionally, information that you put in about the article in the web portal don't stick, so half of the articles have social media information and category info the rest, even after multiple reattempts, are flying without any data. I'm also concerned about the lack of Page Stacks (and the technical guys that my rep directed me do didn't understand even the concept of Page Stacks..even after sending a screen grab of the AVE export would think that it's a simple enough question...AVE supported Page Stacks, does 9.5?)Oddly, I can test the issue on my iPhone (i can't get it to download fully and or process on the iPad) but it shows that the web view space built into several pages connects to a faulty URL (which says /comingsoon) which leads me to believe this release isn't done yet! Or at least shouldn't be... :)Overall, I'm excited to use it but with deadlines looming, I think I'm going to have to shift back to the product from Aquafadas.

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The NEW App Studio announced

Post by leewhiteford » 03 Dec 2012, 21:40

Hi Matthias,I have updated to 9.5 and followed the webcast. Quark appears to hang once the upload button is pressed, and just sits with 'uploading...' message, even with the simplest of files.I have tried this on another machine, on a different network, and the results are the same. What is it with Quark? Can't you guys produce something that just works!

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The NEW App Studio announced

Post by Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 03 Dec 2012, 22:42

Hi Lee,
it should work, have you contact support yet?

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