Page Staks in XPress 9.5

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Page Staks in XPress 9.5

Post by Matteo » 03 Jul 2014, 14:39

Hi. I'm make some try to AppStudio from QuarkXPress Page Staks seems not working.
I'm not sure that I'm get right: this is my setting in QXP
But on AppStudio App page stake seems to not works
Any idea or feedback?
Tnx in advance
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Matteo Discardi

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Re: Page Staks in XPress 9.5

Post by QuarkXPressUser » 04 Jul 2014, 13:23

I have used it without issue.
You can try with a section starting at page 1 itself, instead of 3rd one.

Matthias should help you as he did for a similar thread where someone couldn't make page stacks work. See viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1120

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