Build not working

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Build not working

Post by messawise » 02 Sep 2014, 15:19

I'm having two strange problems with our new build.

1.) In the basics section it said our "short app name" was to long, so we condensed it and got the same message. We condensed it further to two letters and it STILL won't save. It keeps saying it is to long, it won't even accept 1 letter but it won't let us leave the field blank because it's a required field.

2.) In the past we've bypassed anything to do with Urban Airship and for this build it is not allowing us to do so. In the push notifications section it wants the application key, etc which we don't have but there is no option to not select it.

These two things are holding up our build and we have a deadline to meet :shock: Is Urban Airship a requirement for iOS newsstand apps? Is the short app name a bug on the site?

Help! Thank you!

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Re: Build not working

Post by elack » 03 Sep 2014, 02:35


1) I can't replicate the problem you're having with the short app name so I'll need to know the name of your publication or application within App Studio.

2) If you want your app to be in Newsstand then you'll need push notifications and currently we only provide push notifications via Urban Airship so you'll need an account with them.


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