Appstudio doesn't renew the file

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Appstudio doesn't renew the file

Post by Polly9 » 18 Jan 2016, 08:01

We are working with CS6 Indesign,Appstudio and windows. Our task is to include interactive elemenents to the file through appstudio and in the beginning it worked.
The changes we made were uploaded to appstudio and we could see if we made progress or not and if we made mistakes.
But then suddenly the file stopped changing. Despite anything we did in Indesign and then uploaded it to appstudio, the edition, always renewed, just stopped adapting and it became sort of flat. We couldn't even mark or copy the text anymore.
We considered that maybe we made some mistakes in Indesign and that our pop ups were wrongly constructed but any changes we made were ignored, despite the various uploads (exports) to appstudio.
We don't know what might be wrong. Does anyone have some ideas?

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