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App Studio benefits with QuarkXPress 2016

Posted: 03 Mar 2016, 04:53
by Matthias Guenther (Quark)
Hi all,

though we didn't explicitly show App Studio when we showed the new version of QuarkXPress 2016, App Studio will also benefit once QuarkXPress 2016 has been released: Most typography settings applied in QuarkXPress can now be exported to HTML5 text.

That means that you no longer need to set “Convert to Graphic” for such text boxes in Digital Layout:
  • Runaround Text
  • Justified and Hyphenated Text
  • Vertically Justified Text.
  • Text Indents (Indent Here / Discretionary Return)
  • Text Color Opacity.
  • Text aligned with Baseline
  • Custom Kerning / Tracking
  • Tabs and Tab Stops
  • Make fraction / price etc.
This also means that now most of your text is exported as native searchable text in HTML, as to keep typographic settings there is no need to export as image.