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Print and Fixed-layout epub weirdness

Posted: 04 Jun 2015, 22:00
by G.E.R.R.Y.
I followed the step-by-step instructions laid out by Ramesh Yella to change the print versions of two print books to iPad/epub versions using the <Utilities -> Cloner -> Pages -> All> method. I did each one exactly the same, but the results were quite different:

Book 1
- all the photos moved to the back of the book.
- illustrations on each new chapter page moved to the back as well
- some photos in original print version have just disappeared

Book 2
- cannot change font sizes using the a-A sliding scale - can still change font size by pinching the screen, but the iBooks font-size icons are not appearing
- night mode and sepia mode backlighting gone
- can still make screen lighter or darker
- still have word and page search
- optional “thumbnail” feature on the iMac version, but not in iPad version at the bottom of the screen that gives a quick way of paginating.

Any ideas, suggestions, or advice would be gratefully and graciously accepted.

Re: Print and Fixed-layout epub weirdness

Posted: 05 Jun 2015, 04:28
by Ramesh Yella
Hi Gerry,

Can you please share QXP files (with fonts and pictures) via Dropbox or similar? my email id is

A quick analysis based on your inputs although I need to check your files to reconfirm the behaviour: it looks to me Book1 is exported as reflow epub and I guess reflow tagging was not done making all pictures to appear at the end. Book2 seems exported as Fixed Layout ePub, hence you do not see some of the options you are referring to.

Please share the file, I can be in touch after verifying the projects and adivse further.