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Are TOC with hyperlinks in books possible? And how?

Posted: 06 Mar 2016, 11:39
by Giansauna
I'd like to create a PDF file with an interactive TOC (table of content). I did this several times in the past successfully but just with single QXP2015 project files. So, I'm aware of the basic principle of generating lists from headings and saving PDFs with hyperlinks.
Now I'm facing a book project consisting of 25 chapters, each one a single QXP2105 project. I managed to build a TOC for the whole book, but saving the book as a PDF results in "somehow" broken hyperlinks in the TOC. They are active (cursor changes from pointer to hand over them) but the links to the chapters are not working. What is different with interactive lists in a book project? Any hints, ideas?
My system: Mac OS X 10.11.3; QXP2015 11.20.2
I know, I could merge the chapters together into one QXP file, but I'm just curious if I'm doing something wrong.