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Converting Print -->epub-->iPad-->Kindle

Posted: 17 Mar 2016, 19:25
by G.E.R.R.Y.
If I convert a print book file to epub (reflow) and do what needs doing such as anchors, etc., can I later convert/change the epub to Kindle or do I need to go back to the original print version and convert that to Kindle?

Re: Converting Print -->epub-->iPad-->Kindle

Posted: 01 Apr 2016, 10:41
by Ramesh Yella
Hi Gerry,

You can convert export .epub to kindle format without going back to QuarkXPress. You may have to use ePub conversion tools to do this. For example, if you are using KDP (kindle direct publishing), it will allow you to upload .epub and conversion to Kindle format is done online when you submit the book to Kindle store.