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X-Ray Magazine

Post by Patty » 23 Mar 2005, 10:13

X-Ray XPlodes! Download the X-Ray Magazine PDF free! Share the Link!

NEW YORK April 4, 2005 X-Ray Magazine, the leading source for content, features, tips and tricks, insightful reviews for professionals that focus on Quark software product publishing, workgroup, and enterprise technology, has re-launched after a seven-year hiatus with phenomenal results. Get a free copy of Volume 3 Issue 1 or subscribe.

Quark has always been superior to competitors in print publishing, and therefore X-Ray Magazine will be the only magazine in this category that is available via hard copy as well as online. In an industry accustomed to change and innovation, X-Ray Magazine will not only contain the great information to help design professionals work smarter, it will also look like something they would be proud to have created on their own.

http://www.xraymag.com/local-cgi-bin/cl ... _v3_n1.pdf

http://www.thepowerxchange.com/xray_mag ... _prd1.html

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X-Ray Magazine

Post by Scripting_Ace » 23 Mar 2005, 11:05

Well, first feedback,

The website states: "Click here to download the pdf" but after the whole form dfilling process I get a message saying that I will receive and email in 5 DAYS containing the link to download...

So is IT back or is it COMING BACK SOON! ???

What exactly do you wish us to "feedback" on?

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X-Ray Magazine

Post by Scripting_Ace » 23 Mar 2005, 11:17

One more point,

There an option to download past issues of X-Ray. but I find out these are scanned??? The text all smudgy and everything... Hopefully the new ones won't be...

Jim Oblak
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X-Ray Magazine

Post by Jim Oblak » 23 Mar 2005, 12:18

Maybe I got out of bed on the wrong side this morning but the magazine website stinks. Why is everything in scrolling frames?

Patty, a word of advice... Typically it is best to announce a product after you have completed a web site presence and your first product. You don't want to appear too much like Quark with the 6.0 release... or is this an elaborate parody of Quark? Will subscribers get access to all pages when you release your first issue or will subscribers have to wait for articles after you send them the cover? :lol:

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X-Ray Magazine

Post by stump » 24 Mar 2005, 03:07


Cover Designer/Story Opening Art/ToC Art/Web Designer - Matt Bargell

why not put "trash emptier & phone answerer & lunch taker" too?

how about "senior designer" or something?

kinda makes it look like you are all full of yourselves

sid kelly
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X-Ray Magazine

Post by sid kelly » 24 Mar 2005, 10:29

Still waiting for my copy too!

Typical of Quark - horse before the cart.

Get it finished and then perhaps do the launch.

Fixing bugs in an App is 1 thing but bug fixing a magazine is beyond a joke.

Maybe you're intend releasing it page by page like Quark 6.0

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X-Ray Magazine

Post by graphicsgoddess » 24 Mar 2005, 16:34

This is the second time this week that I was told I could "download" a PDF when, in fact, all I was doing was giving out my info to the marketing department so they could send me a link to download a PDF and then fill my "in" box with a bunch of junk mail that I don't have time to read.

This was either a very deceptive marketing tactic or a flat out lie. "Download the PDF" should mean exactly that!

Jim Oblak
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X-Ray Magazine

Post by Jim Oblak » 31 Mar 2005, 09:43

This came in my mailbox this morning. There is no need to endanger your privacy by providing your email address...


The magazine appears to be as much of an advertisement for InDesign as it is for Quark. I don't recall older Quark magazines mentioning Pagemaker as much as this one mentions InDesign. A couple articles debate the two applications, obviously favoring Quark since the authors are too dumb to understand InDesign's interface and recognize that InDesign is cheaper and not really that difficult to use. The first part of a series of articles focusses on possible migration to InDesign, throwing fear into the reader and trying to assure the reader that 'Quark is safe; stay safe and ignorant of your options.' (paraphrased)

The issue is not migration. The issue is integration. InDesign users use Quark as well. Quark users use InDesign as well. There is no reason to make a total switch as none of us know what application will dominate in 10 years. Throwing around useless statistics about the wealth of Quark 4 users over-running the planet 5 years ago is absurd. Perhaps the authors could get their head out of their bum and realize that they should be writing about integration instead.

Otherwise, the magazine has some pretty good technical articles. It would be nice to see a magazine like this for all page layout apps since they all share common concepts. Then Xray won't fade away when Quark does again.

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X-Ray Magazine

Post by longtimedesigner » 31 Mar 2005, 12:12

One article that I found to be disingenuous right away is the article about why not to switch, by Erika Kendra.

She refutes 3 reasons she claims to hear the most about why to switch:

"It took them too long," "Cost," and "Software activation."

Cost is a very important reason, but she leaves out the most important reasons of all - productivity and quality. You can get a lot more done with InDesign in a short period of time and come up with a higher quality product. All this, at a lower cost.

The transparency features in v7 look very powerful, adding some functions not found in InDesign, but will they actually work? That will remain to be seen. Will InDesign CS2 have even more powerful transparency features than it has now? The other features touted in the article are ones InDesign already has. Besides, the v7 article spent most of its space covering palettes. Astounding.

I also don't buy Roger Black's article. Quark was a "tad" complacent? They didn't develop features "on purpose?" "Competition is good?" PhotoShop had no real competition to speak of, and Adobe kept improving the program anyway.

He comes up with "installed user base being 80%." That's likely with v4. I understand that current sales trends favor InDesign. That 80% figure also includes everyone who ever purchased the program over the last 15 years and has it collecting cobwebs in a cabinet somewhere.

"Familitarity." It doesn't take long to become familiar with InDesign. I used to be comfortable using a standard typewriter long ago.

"Training costs more than price of software." Pfeiffer Reports - InDesign is more productive. You get your jobs done faster using InDesign. Amortize that for a few weeks.

"Quark is responding on price." There's still feature parity and quality of work accomplished using InDesign.

"Quark is responding on features." Quark 7 is trying to catch up to InDesign 2. Which company is more innovative? Which product is more feature rich? What will InDesign CS2 (v4) offer?

"Quark offers features that InDesign doesn't have." InDesign has more features than Quark overall.

"Development momentum seems to favor QuarkXPress." Where does he come up with that crock?

"Adobe could counter with more features," He just contradicted his last point.

"but they risk feature creep." Don't use them if you don't want to. For power users who appreciate having more control over their documents - more features is a good thing - provided they work.

"Workflow may be the most important battleground." Read the Pfeiffer Reports. InDesign has a better workflow.

One thing I also didn't get was the Quark Vista before/after comparison. I thought the original image looked better than the edited image. What's with the green caste all over the image in the second photo?

The bottom line for me, I don't buy the hype that Quark is different at its heart. I don't trust a company that spent its first 15 years screwing its customers when it had a near monopoly because a competitor with a better product came along and gave them a swift kick in their arrogant rears.


Bivouac Ponzetti
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X-Ray Magazine

Post by Bivouac Ponzetti » 31 Mar 2005, 13:40

I agree with longtimedesigner. I think that any news about 7 is of great interest, but I'm taking this with a larger grain of salt than usual. The plans for 7 are ambitious, but it's a catch-up release (to ID CS, not ID CS + 1) even if it works. The transparency news is most interesting, but I am not optimistic. The approach they are taking with their display technology promises problems and mediocrity...just like the comparisons with InDesign which are transparently laughable to anyone who has actually used InDeesign for any length of time.

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