disappearing pallette window content

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disappearing pallette window content

Post by danspocket » 03 Jun 2004, 08:31

Since upgrading to QXP6.0 last summer, I've encountered lots of now infamous Quark quirks: Validation runnaround, saving errors, PDF creation problems, etc. Because of these - and the time/money lost trying to fix them - I've started the process of switching to InDesignCS.

But now that this forum is up, perhaps I can keep my workflow at 50/50...if I can find a solution to the Quark quirk that topped them all: Disappearing pallette window content. By this I mean that any pallette window will randomly lose it's content mid-project. The first to go is usually the Page Layout pallette, followed by Color, then Style Sheets. I will be desiging away, and next thing I know, I have blank windows.

I'm a stickler for detail, too. I run Disk Doctor, repair my permissions, and run Disk Warrior every Friday. I'm on a dual G4, OS X 10.2.8, QXP6.0. I'm also a stickler for keeping pallette windows in the same place all the time. I'm not a messy desktop designer - quite the opposite.

Like I said, this quirk was the one that did it in for me. There's only so much one can put up with, especially with a seemingly superior product - InDesign CS - on the market. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

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disappearing pallette window content

Post by ronzonni » 07 Jun 2004, 15:38

I am having a problem with the 6.0 page setup window. Most of the fields, including printer description, and page size are greyed out. I have to go to the printer icon to select my printer (Epson1280) and options. The bleed window is also greyed out.

I am running Panther and have 750MB ram, so that's not the problem. Anyone have an idea?

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disappearing pallette window content

Post by Linda » 07 Jun 2004, 16:51


You have to have a postscript printer selected in your XPress Print dialog in order to access all of the functionality in the Print dialog. The greyed-out options are options that are not supported by the print driver for the printer you have selected.


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disappearing pallette window content

Post by Rhea » 08 Jun 2004, 15:00

You can set a post script printer to a default printer from your print setup utility. Or make the printer you are printing to a default printer..

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