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Need your help

Post by Nina » 04 Jun 2004, 18:43

Will a file created in a Quark 6 (PC version) open in Quark 4.1 MAC Version? Is there a way to save files in PC version 6 so that they would open in version 4.1?

Thank you very much!

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Need your help

Post by Rhea » 04 Jun 2004, 18:58

Nina.. you should be able to open the file.. ( :)

but the otherway.. not possible.. they missed on this special thing..
It is really a requirement and I thinks they should consider it!

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Need your help

Post by Linda » 04 Jun 2004, 20:44


XPress v6 saves back only one version, to v5 (just like v5 saved back only one version, to v4, and v4 saved back only one version, to v3). To open a v6 doc in v4, you'll need someone with v5 to save it back to v4 -- or you can look at Markzware's Markztools, which is supposed to open v6 in v4. I've heard mixed reviews on it, though.

Linda 8)

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