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Discuss functionality of QuarkXPress 10, 9 & 8 (and before) (excluding Digital Publishing).
For Digital Publishing functionality please refer to forums in the "Digital Publishing" group.

As QuarkXPress 1 thru 10 are not supported by Quark anymore, please upgrade to a newer version of QuarkXPress if you are looking for official support. Support options for supported versions are here: http://support.quark.com
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FAQs for QuarkXPress 10

Post by Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 28 Apr 2014, 02:35

Hi all,

as I see a few questions being asked again and again, I have created an FAQ post about QuarkXPress 10 (and 9):
FAQ about QuarkXPress 2015 here: viewtopic.php?f=46&t=26908
FAQ about QuarkXPress 9 here: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=26849

Platform support
Will QuarkXPress 10 run on Yosemite?
Yes! You need to update to at least QuarkXPress 10.5 though. As Auto Updater can't install v.10.5, please download it from Quark's website.

Will QuarkXPress 10 run on El Capitan?
Quark will not support QuarkXPress 10 on El Capitan. However Quark has posted a special version of QuarkXPress 10, version, on its website that is unsupported, however does not crash immediately e.g. when the mouse cursor hits a palette.

Will QuarkXPress 10 run on Sierra?
Quark will not support QuarkXPress 10 on macOS Sierra. However it should run on Sierra. Please test yourself thoroughly before using it in production on your own risk. We recommend using a newer version of QuarkXPress when using Sierra.

I have first bought QuarkXPress 6 and then upgraded to 7, 8, 9 and now 10. Do I need the original disks to install QuarkXPress 10, as I only have an upgrade?
No, it's much easier than that. All upgraders/installers of QuarkXPress EITHER look for an installed copy OR ask you to specify your SN/VC of your previous version. So you don't need to install previous versions or keep disks around, all you need is the Serial Number (SN) and/or Validation Code (VC) of your previous versions.

I am using a Retina display and the user interface looks bad. What version supports Retina displays on OS X?
You need to use QuarkXPress 10.0 or higher for Retina display support.

I am using a High-DPI display and the user interface has issues. What version supports High-DPI displays on Windows?
You need to use QuarkXPress 10.2.1 or higher for High-DPI display support.

Can QuarkXPress 10 open files from previous versions?
Yes, QuarkXPress 10 opens documents created by QuarkXPress 10, 9, 8 and 7.

I have files older than version 7, can QuarkXPress 10 open these?
No, QuarkXPress 10 cannot open documents created by QuarkXPress 6 or before.
Please use QuarkXPress 9 to open these files. Then save the document as v9 using QuarkXPress 9 to afterwards open it in QuarkXPress 10.

Alternatively, you can use the QuarkXPress Document Converter (viewtopic.php?f=44&t=26842) to convert (single or batch) legacy files to the v9 file format, which then can be opened by QuarkXPress 10.

Why can't 10.1 open files that are created in QuarkXPress 10.2?
QuarkXPress 10.2 has a different file format than QuarkXPress 10.0/10.1. That change was necessary to fix certain performance issues. However as QuarkXPress 10.2 is a free update for everyone owning QuarkXPress 10.x, there's only good reasons to update.

Can QuarkXPress 10 downsave documents to version 9?
Yes. You can find the option in menu "File > Export > Layouts as Project" and using the version popup.

Can QuarkXPress 10 downsave documents to version 8?
No. You'll need QuarkXPress 9 to downsave to the v8 file format.

Can QuarkXPress 10 create host-based separations?
No. This feature was already deprecated in the UI of QuarkXPress 9 and only available on request with a special "cookie" (enabling the UI again). In QuarkXPress 10 this functionality is gone, so it cannot be enabled anymore. Of course you can still create In-RIP separations as well as composite output in QuarkXPress 10.

Can QuarkXPress 10 output PDF/X-4 files?
The output of QuarkXPress 10.5 passes the Ghent Workgroup Test Suite v4, which essentially is a PDF/X-4 test. All you need to do is to set the output to "As-Is" (Color Model) and allow Native Transparency. However the PDF output is not certified, meaning that for example a PDF/X-4 flag is missing, so you will need a 3rd party tool (like Adobe Acrobat or callas pdfToolbox) to make this output a valid PDF/X-4 file that passes all 4 tests.
In QuarkXPress 2015 you have direct support for outputting PDF/X-4 and it is certified using the same technology that is used inside Adobe Acrobat to verify and certify PDF/X-4.

Where does QuarkXPress 10 store its preferences?
By default preferences are stored in the user folder, on OS X as well as on Windows:
-> OS X: /Users/<yourname>/Library/Preferences/Quark/QuarkXPress 10/ (you get there quicker by holding the option key and choosing "Go > Library" in Finder)
-> Windows: C:\Users\<yourname>\AppData\Local\Quark\QuarkXPress 10\

You can also manually create a global preference folder, on OS X in the application folder, on Windows in the location specified in Settings.xml. Careful, global pref locations can create problems on multi-user systems.

If you need to delete preferences, delete everything in the folder stated above.

How can I delete the image cache in QuarkXPress 10?
Use the Quark Cache Cleaner, you can find it in the application folder of QuarkXPress under Tools:
"QuarkXPress 10 > Tools > QuarkCacheCleaner"

How can I delete the font caches in QuarkXPress 10?
As there are several font caches in your system (only one for QuarkXPress though), it is best to delete all of them using a tool. On OS X I personally use Onyx, you can also use FontNuke. And there are many other tools. Please be careful with these tools, as they can change many things. Have a backup before using them.

How do I repair permissions under OS X?
Please see Apple's documentation: http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201560

How do I contact support?

I am using QuarkXPress 9 or 10 on OS X Mavericks and whenever I move a box, it crashes.
Please update (free of charge) to the latest version of QuarkXPress 9 or 10, it is fixed there:

Support for previous versions
Does Quark still support QuarkXPress 8 or lower?
No, support for QuarkXPress 8 ended on March 31, 2014.

Does Quark still support QuarkXPress 9?
No, support for version 9 ended on Sep 30, 2015.

My computer is broken and I received a new one. My QuarkXPress 9 license doesn't activate on my new machine. Does this mean I can't get it activated anymore, as Quark doesn't support QuarkXPress 9 anymore?
Of course not. For all unsupported versions since QuarkXPress 6 we still offer help with activation issues. All you need is to purchase a single incident ticket with TechSupport and they will help you.

As QuarkXPress 2016 has been released now, does Quark still support QuarkXPress 10?
Quark has not announced an end-of-life for QuarkXPress 10. We will support v10 at least until end of Q2/2017.

Can I still buy QuarkXPress 10 (eg as I use an older version of OS X or a 32-bit Windows)?
You can't buy new licenses of QuarkXPress 10 via estore or the retail channel. Call our direct sales team please to see whether we can offer you a license extension: http://www.quark.com/Buy/QuarkXPress_Sa ... r_Service/[/color]

How do I contact Quark's Sales team?
http://www.quark.com/Buy/QuarkXPress_Sa ... r_Service/

How does the new Adaptive Resolution preference switch work in 10.2 (and higher)?

What's the latest update (minor version number) of my version of QuarkXPress?
Please see here: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=6651

I heard that there is a 10.5.1, why don't I find that on Quark's website?
10.5.1 is a release of QuarkXPress Server, there is no QuarkXPress (Desktop) version of 10.5.1.

Will there be another bug fix release for QuarkXPress 10?
No, we have stopped development on QuarkXPress 10.



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